A perfectionist Father
A son driven to create
Demanding celebrity clients
100+ mph test drives
Barely legal bikinis

Imagine the extreme family dramas of the “American Chopper” shop floor, but instead of just a custom bike at issue, substitute the world’s most desirable high speed pleasure boats forged in a charged crucible of artistic passion and daring racer’s design savvy.

Tucked away just north of Los Angeles, Howard Custom Boats is where clients know they can have their watercraft dreams solidified into the world’s most sought-after speedboats.

Since 1959, this shop has pushed the evolution of America’s unique cruising culture where monster engines, sleek hulls and beautiful bodies combine into a heady cocktail. Today the company makes just 40 boats a year with price tags north of $100,000. Since Gene Willen bought the company 18 years ago, it has never failed to turn a profit.

Together with his wife and son, Gene Willen has attracted a quirky, yet awesomely talented team of passionate, highly skilled, creatively driven craftsmen who apply their expertise gleaned from a dozen different disciplines.

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