Whenever a screen battle rages in a film like "Letters from Iwo Jima," or a historic adventure like "The Last Samurai" or an action thriller like "Hostage," the audience stays glued to their seats because it looks real. That’s no accident.

It’s because an off-screen, behind the camera array of crack professionals have all done their jobs to perfection: they’ve created conflicts that thrill audiences – yet everyone onscreen gets up unharmed when a director gives the command "Cut!"

And just like an actual fighting force, this vast corps of critical yet unknown toilers has a commander responsible for everything being ready when it must be. There are a very, very few such leaders. Perhaps the best is affiliated with this project: James D. Dever.

Unseen Army will set a new standard for as it rivets the attention of viewers who fast-forward past the "boring" parts of movies.

As famous actors and directors recall their most intense moments from featured scenes, artful blends of on-set footage and vivid recollections from experts will reveal what kind of massive team efforts were needed to bring them to life.