Here's some information about the Journal from their website.

Conceived in 1976, Small Farmer's Journal is a large (11 x 14 inch) handsome 132 page black and white quarterly which is more community odyssey than magazine. It is packed to over-full with more information than you might find in three or four conventional magazines. Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, has been a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience.

Out of a concern for the integrity of the editorial content of the publication Small Farmer's Journal, two important decisions were made and held to from the outset. Number one; SFJ would strive to be inclusive and allow its pages to be a forum for a wide ranging set of topics and agendas so long as a reverence for life, honesty, deserved civility, decency, and tolerance were displayed. Number two; SFJ would strive to protect its pages and general efforts from the insidious pressures that result from a reliance on advertising income. Advertising IS editorial content and has, in SFJ, been treated as such from the beginning.

For thirty plus years Small Farmer's Journal has flowed forth with amazing consistency of purpose and form, diversity of content and voice, and editorial strength. With a readership of 40,000 residing in every state of the union, every Canadian province and 65 additional countries spread around the planet, over the years more than 1.5 million copies of SFJ's issues have made the case for small farms. Yet, even with this significant history, SFJ remains a relatively unknown publication whose publicity has traveled primarily by word of mouth.

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