Jane Fleck Art

As a child, I lived in a silent movie star's mansion in La Puente that my folks had rescued from bikers. There, I watched "Bozo the Clown"--and was not impressed. I told my mom "I can do better." It wasn't as if my family was in film or TV. My engineer-entrepreneur father founded ADC and invented the audiometer. Mom wrote melodramas for Knott's Berry Farm's Birdcage Theatre. Then dad retired and we all moved to Hilo, Hawaii. I was five.  

So, I grew up going to Big Island public schools and spoke pidgin. I produced my first play in 6th grade and acted throughout high school. Yes, I took Hula classes. 

 I was one of 20 Haoles (Caucasians) among Hilo High's 2500 students. I can get along in Japanese. My SAT scores qualified me to be a National Merit Scholar.

To lose my Hawaiian accen', I chose Michigan State. A political cartoon was my first piece of art for TV. 

  I finished early, with high honors. A stint as a Detroit agency producer and then editor were enough. I missed the Pacific. Adios Motor city, Hola LA. 

 Here, I cut national TV commercials, music videos, TV shows, then features and network shows. And I won awards for animation, I've always made art, whether it's video, drawings or watercolors. By 2014 I added gouache and commissions followed. These days in my studio I work in both tangible and digital media. 

Art and animation show how the world could be. It's usually funnier than Bozo was.

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