America loves its pets. Studies show that until the age of 6, roughly 80% of childrens’ dreams are about animals. 62% of US households own a pet, some 70 million cats and 65 million dogs.

One thing all these pets and their owners share is that a trip to the vet can be unsettling. Is Fluffy’s hair loss something serious? Are fleas the reason behind Fido’s itching or is he signaling he’s got a life threatening illness?

Until now, pet owners concerned about their animal’s wellness had only dense veterinary books to rely on to decide whether or not to make a trip to a vet. And once there, a vet’s verdict usually comes back without any clue about how it was reached.

Tami Theis, DVM will let an audience in on how a vet thinks. From this, pet owners will learn about the ways that a vet reads their patients’ symptoms and behavior to tell if their animal is well or not.

The series is centered around veterinarian Tami Theis’ work in her outpatient practice in suburban Los Angeles, where she conducts limited exams in an open setting. The shows’ main action will be anchored by Dr. Tami’s unique ability to give viewers a window into her thinking when she examines an animal. Her blend of upbeat, affectionate manner and diagnostic skills attracts pet owners who appreciate her special ability to de-stress a vet visit.

To the right is a short clip Fleck.TV put together introducing Dr. Tami Theis