8/24/06 Fleck.TV shoots Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band for Bah! Humduck! animated Warner holiday special featurette; finished program airs on United Airlines throughout December, 2006

Gordon & the Big Phat Band have an illegal amount of fun while they lay down tracks. It doesn't hurt that this outfit is populated exclusively by Hollywood's finest session guys. They rarely tour because everyone's booked all the time in town doing soundtrack work.

We shot the band in Frank Sinatra's old studio at Capitol Records, the stack o' records building in H'wood. There's an entire meta-conversation taking place musically as the band members riff off of Gordon's energetic direction. Sometimes he conducts from the piano keyboard, too.

One of the Gordon and the Phat krewe's big passions is music education now that it's on the endangered list at most schools.

The Phat Band has done many a benefit and inspired lots of young people that musical excellence is not only a good goal, it's a reachable one.

Together with the terrifically talented krewe from Warner animation, the entire experience was just splendid. At LA's Jazz Bakery during one phase of this shoot, we intereviewed the Escovedo clan who had showed up to honor Gordon. You may recall Shiela E. did percussion for a performer formerly known as Prince.