3/3/08 Fleck.TV publishes redesigned website

We have made over our company website as we near St. Patrick's day. This month has often been lively for us.

During our "court and spark" phase, we were playing a lot of acoustic music in the midwest while we were in production on our PBS series about Michigan's traditional square dance music. Along with our chum, dulcimer player Bill Webster we would get hired to perform at marathon Irish music gigs in Irish bars. One job ran for twelve hours, a bar owner just kept peeling off hundred dollar bills and we just kept going at the jigs, reels, hornpipes, schottishes, waltzes, quadrilles, breakdowns, laments, slip jigs, forces, etc.

These days we spend more time in digital domains than on stage. Our creative skills have found new challenges but we're still striving to entertain, artfully. If anyone wants to revive that venerable tradition of St. Patrick's days past, keep peeling off hundreds but use paypal.