3/1/07 Fleck.TV acquires new, state of the art Avid online video editing system

Jane has been an Avid fan for a while now. Our original system lasted us for a good stretch, it served to edit four features, hundreds of hours of syndicated TV, music videos, pilots, the original chickenvideo, promos, commercials and industrials.

Along the way, Jane had the pleasure of showing Walter Murch how to run the system to create offline montage sequences; serving as an Avid instructor and in general constantly looking for new ways to seamlessly, artfully weave together story in video and audio.

Our new setup is about 1/5 the size of our former rig, is many times faster and outputs broadcast quality image and sound. The whole shootin' match will fit into a station wagon, to boot.
Along with her membership in the WGA and PGA, Jane's a member of the editor's guild, local 700, IATSE.