2/25/08 Beginners Guide to Raising and Showing Chickens soars past the 5,000 units-sold mark.


It has been our ongoing joy to help young and old alike get started with having chickens in their lives. It all started when we got tired of repeating the same instructions to each person as they saw our ranch's chicken setup and wanted one for themselves. After we sold out of our initial VHS run, our pals at Murray McMurray hatchery said that if we expanded our program and included how-to-show sequences, we would fill a need that nobody else had.

Along the production path, we met truly wonderful people who generously made time in their lives for us to show up and record footage of their various poultry showing and keeping tips. The Trocky family in particular were gracious beyond all expectations. Their kids are living proof that responsible animal care leads to poised, self confident young people who have a good idea of who they are and where they want to go.

And Dr. Francine Bradley of UC Davis, who is one of the world's most renowned poultry reproduction experts, sat down and gave us one of the best interviews we've ever had the pleasure of conducting. She never said "um" once.

Check out our chicken video site to see what we are up to. One of our beliefs is that anyone can have chickens wherever they live. We keep getting photos of chickens in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Burbank, etc. etc. Cheers for chickens!