L to R: Wayne Goldstein, Sony Studios; Rob Bennett, Microsoft; Tony DiSanto, MTV; Jason Meil, Current; Bob Fleck; Peter Micelli, Creative Artists Agency; Brent Zacky, formerly E! now TLC.

11/4/06 Fleck.TV assembles Blue Ribbon panel about User Generated Content for Academy of Television's NextTV conference.

Our longtime chum from the frozen North, Kay Sumner has a strong streak of "hey, let's make TV better, eh?" As co-creator of National Geographic's "The Dog Whisperer" she has good instincts. Soooo, when she dragooned us into convening a panel to kick off the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (they give out the Emmy award), we said OK.

Two thousand phone calls later, we wrangled the bunch above to speak at the NextTV conference on the topic of "User Generated Content" or as Wayne Goldstein put it, "everything including video of the cat barfing on Santa Claus."