1/13/07 Bob Fleck reappointed as president of Santa Clarita Well Owners Association, Inc.

Los Angeles has been built in a desert. Renting Chinatown and watching it as nonfiction is a good intro to water's role in local politics. North of the San Gabriel mountains in hour neck o' the woods, water is available to anyone who cares to drill a well, if they are fortunate enough to be close enough to a stream or river to hit it.

A few years ago our local water agency declared there were only a few hundred private well owners (like us) and our number is so small that we don't count. A local driller estimates there are thousands and thousands of us, which doesn't go over too well when mega-suburbs are being submitted for construction and need lots of available water to get built. By 2004 several well owners organized into a nonprofit so that we can take our place at the table when future water use plans are crafted.
Our first president, Judy Reinsma, served well and faithfully until last year when family duties required her full time attention, so Bob stepped back in. Thanks to Jane's narrow escape from law school, this is the third 501c3 we've founded.